ADI Goes Green

TRSA Clean Green Certified Laundry program

American Dawn is a socially compliant company. We are committed to upholding ethical standars in all areas of our business but are particularly committed to ensuring our business practices are environmentally sustainable and that human rights are protected both in our offices and our mills overseas. We are a proud minority-owned company and support diversity in the workplace. We are also committed to anti-corruption transparency in our business.

ADI is a proud leader and supporter of the TRSA Clean Green Certified Laundry program. This initiative raises the awareness of reusable textiles versus disposable products.

Clean Green sets measurable and auditable standards for energy and water use in processing textiles, as well as best practices for operators. It is ADI’s corporate commitment to drive the textile supply industry towards more sustainability, by taking clear steps to lead the market in the practice of corporate social responsibility in environmental stewardship.

TRSA Clean Green Certified Laundry program

Social compliance mission